"Alicante marble", dynamic of the exporting vocation

Mármoles Pérez it has been developed in the geographical environment though, more important in stony deposits of Spain.

Not in vain, five towns have prospered significantly at the time of this industrial sector, being that absorbs more jobs among its population with more than 70,000 inhabitants.

Novelda is the city most important, regarded as one of the producers centers more important in the world.

Noteworthy among his genuine marble, Crema Marfil very appreciated internationally, noteworthy Rojo Alicante and Dark Brown, renowned for its decorative properties in interior linings.

This privileged situation benefit the majority of companies in the area, not being less forMármoles Pérez similar to them has served to forge their exporting vocation, still very significant and valuable responsiveness which have to supply large scale of these materials.

Technology, competitiveness and efficiency

Automated processes, and technological advances of recent decades have brought a marked improvement in productivity and a better use of raw material costs.

The modern machinery has reduced the underwrite labour, achieving new standards in the quality and implementation of the product, increasing and improving its performance, coupled with its cheaper against the alternative.

Finally, with the help of computing are seeing the age of communications, an extraordinary step that bring us with closeness between civilizations, greater understanding and coexistence in estemundo making progress, increasingly, more small.